About Us

Kidz EV (Electric Vehicles) is a family owned and operated company that fell in love with kids electric ride-on vehicles as soon as we saw them online. We bought one for our son, a black Lamborghini Aventador on Amazon, and we were all super excited about it but wasn't sure if we bought the right one for our kid. Then unfortunately, our experience took a turn for the worst anyhow. The package came late, the car was completely scratched up, and the customer service was so frustrating that it actually became laughable.

But before all of that, came the idea that sparked our search. My wife and I were noticing a lot of parents breaking their backs on electric ride-on cars with just a foot pedal and steering wheel for the kids to control where they go themselves. There was no remote control for the parents. Chasing their kids all around and tripping over themselves as their kids sped towards the streets. We would hear parents telling their kids that they're done for the day while the kids cried that they still wanted to play more, just because the parents couldn't take it anymore or keep up with them. I thought, that would be such a better experience if the parents had a remote control that could take total control over of the vehicle when needed.

We also saw ride-on push cars that were made for younger toddlers and babies. The older kids around 3-years old and up didn't want to play with those anymore. They wanted to drive themself and go faster. They outgrew their little push vehicles, and we knew the next step up was the electric ride-on cars. But we already knew what problems those had in store for them and us.

We searched even more online for a better solution, electric ride-on vehicles for kids three years old and up with a parental remote that could override the foot pedal. Not only to save the poor parent's backs, but as an added safety feature incase the kids were headed towards something or somewhere dangerous. The funny thing is the solution already existed, just not many parents knew about it. And in the vast jungle of the internet, lots of websites mixed in a bunch of toys where you couldn't tell what you were even getting.

We had issues trying to compare all the features and had so many unanswered questions that just weren't mentioned on their product pages. We saw in the reviews and Q&A sections that we weren't the only ones confused about certain things. Either the sellers just didn't respond or when they did they provided contradictory information. We knew there had to be an easier better way to shop for these super awesome electric ride-on vehicles for our kids, but we just couldn't find a website that made it any easier or was more organized.

So we knew we had to help both the kids and the parents. That's when we decided to start Kidz EV. A better website with better customer service that will clear up the confusion. We only sell electric ride-on cars, trucks, SUVs, and 4x4s with a parental remote control. No push vehicles or RC cars that you cannot even ride.


Why Choose Kidz EV

  1. Free and fast shipping with U.S. based warehouses.
  2. Easy and fast returns.
  3. Money-back guarantee.
  4. Better customer service from an English speaking human located in South Elgin, Illinois (about 40 miles from Chicago).
  5. All our suppliers and manufacturers have an A rating.
  6. If any vehicle rating drops to 3 stars or below, we will remove it from our website.
  7. Safety is important to us, and we wouldn't offer anything to you that we wouldn't give to our own son, nieces, and nephews.
  8. All of our electric ride-on vehicles have two driving modes: foot pedal for kids and parental remote control override.
  9. We are a small family-owned and operated business.
  10. We only sell electric ride-on vehicles for kids so there are no unwelcome surprises.
  11. Your privacy matters and we will never sell off your information to anyone else, period.
  12. Better organization, filtering, and sorting of vehicles with clearer and more transparent information about each.